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What We Do

Disrupting the Audio Software Production Industry

SIM Labs’ pioneering blockchain-based development and distribution channel provides end users from around the world to access high performance Digital Audio Workstation software and Plugins.

Empowering Creativity and Ingenuity in Audio Production

By developing a fully decentralised platform which cannot be dominated by large marketing budgets or have design restrictions imposed, indie developers are able to freely create and distribute their DAW Plugins content.

SIM has built a proprietary Digital Audio Workstation Software that allows developers to build their audio production applications upon. Once completed, the developers can distribute the content to producers and artists in exchange for the SIM token.

The Innovators of Blockchain-based Audio Production Software

SIM is the first organisation to incorporate the ability of Ethereum-based Smart Contracts into the audio production world. SIM was created to offer a more efficient alternative to traditional DAW Plugins development and distribution. 

SIM is a unique ecosystem for audio production software, helping developers and users exchange SIM tokens for plugins which are compatible with our open source applications: 


● Audio Recording, Editing and Sequencing Application 

● Audio for Video Application 

● Professional DJ Application 

● Live Performance Application

Use Cases


To easily facilitate the distribution of audio production software within our platform, we have created an ERC20 utility token, aptly named SIM Token. Featuring an open source SDK and 100% decentralised, developers will be able to sell their software and plugins through our platform in exchange for SIM tokens from music producers, artists, and collaborators.​

Music Creation

SIM Labs blends professional music production with Ethereum-based Blockchain capabilities to reinvent the entire DAW and audio production plugin industry. SIM uses a decentralised plugin store to allow developers to directly distribute their audio production content to the end user, maximizing efficiency for sellers while minimizing the cost for buyers.



Our executive team has created an in-depth Roadmap to show the progression of the SIM platform and token over the next two years.



Premium Pre sale



Public Pre sale



Public Crowdsale



ICO Ends



Launch of community channels to raise awareness amongst 2nd wave of developers and early adopters



Commence Research and Development on new platform; administrative work



Release of public beta of featured apps to small study groups



Study and improve base software and SDK upon audience recommendation

August- December


Quality Assurance, R&D on all software applications and services in the SIM pipeline



Launch of international marketing campaign for flagship apps on various platforms



release of SIM version 1.0 of featured software applications, SDK and P2P store, with existing content created by SIM developers, our partners and the early developer community



SIM token becomes usable on a daily basis amongst all community members



Commencement of online Gamification campaigns with endorsing artists (i.e. remix competitions), using the SIM token as a prize to participants

Token Distribution

  • ICO Tokens Sale
  • Advisory Board
  • Employees
  • Bounty / Community
  • Rewards Engine
  • Remaining Tokens in company

64.60 %

12.50 %

1.25 %

3.75 %

2.50 %

15.40 %

Use of Proceeds

  • Software R&D
  • Marketing​
  • PR​
  • General & Administration​
  • Legal & Accounting​
  • Strategic Partnerships, Acquisitions​

40 %

15 %

10 %

10 %

10 %

15 %

Total SIM Tokens (ERC20): 400,000,000 

Total Tokens to be Sold: 258,400,000 

Total Tokens Distribution: 338,400,000 

Total Round in Eth: TBA

Token Type: ERC-20

Hard Cap in Eth: TBA

Soft Cap in Eth: TBA

Tokens Per ETH in Public sale: TBA

Amir Harel

CEO & Co-founder of SIM Labs

Letting DAW Developers, Develop

Our mission is to connect DAW developers with music producers and artists through a singular, efficient exchange platform. By creating a P2P exchange, developers are no longer restricted by the development guidelines imposed by the companies currently dominating the industry, allowing for their creativity to run wild. The result? An overall increase in audio software design, resources and functionality that the entire music community can benefit from!

Meet Our

Our Team

Founded in 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel by experienced audio software specialist and serial entrepreneur Amir Harel, SIM features a dynamic team that blends knowledge from music production, software development, blockchain strategy, and communications. 


The highly talented development core is offering access to some of the blockchain industry’s top emerging talent.


Amir Harel

CEO and Co-Founder

Amir became an expert in the audio software sector after holding positions with industry-leading companies including Apple and Waves Audio.
A successful entrepreneur, Amir realized the potential that blockchain technology had to disrupt the audio production space, leading him to co-found SIM LABS in 2013.


Yoav Sarig

Digital Audio Specialist

The owner of renowned Sound House Studios in Tel Aviv and library music distribution platform Miles of Music Ltd., Yoav’s passion for building successful music-based businesses and industry expertise brings a worldwide network of music-related connections to SIM.


Konstantin Medyinksi

Senior Software Developer

A passionate and experienced iOS developer with a long history in audio and video composition software, Konstantin is a driving force in SIM’s ability to incorporate emerging technology to build a dynamic blockchain-based platform.


Maxim Vasilevsky

Software Developer

A passionate and experienced iOS developer with a long history in audio and video composition software, Konstantin is a driving force in SIM’s ability to incorporate emerging technology to build a dynamic blockchain-based platform.


Shlomi Levi

Audio Product Advisor

A renowned DJ and Music Producer which RedBull quickly named him one of the top 10 DJs in the world, and as the Manchester United’s FC official DJ, combining innovation along with vast software development and IT know-how, Shlomi's vision and impact on R&D is highly beneficial.


Ido Ran

Music Product Advisor

Ido lives between the worlds of both software development and music, making him an excellent addition to the SIM team. Having originally served as a software developer in the IDF for six years, Ido continued his IT career while receiving his BA in Jazz Performance at Ireland’s renowned Newpark Music Centre.


Rafi Glantz


Rafi is an experienced market advisor and marketing strategist. His deep knowledge of the blockchain industry coupled with wide expertise in the financial world enable him to maximize the success of his portfolio.


Prof. Tae Hong Park

Audio Product Advisor

A composer, music technologist, and bassist. His work focuses on composition of electro-acoustic and acoustic music, machine learning and computer-aided music analysis, research in multi-dimensional aspects of timbre, and audio digital signal processing, and he is Director of NYU Steinhardt's Composition program.